Saturday, December 16, 2006

NOTSAD observance

I received an email over the weekend that was annotated with the names of all known supervillians. It seems they've declared today 'National Overtly Tempermental Supervillian Appreciation Day' or 'NOTSAD'. In honor of the occasion, they've decided to take the weekend to relax and bathe in coconut milk near the bases of active volcanos. They wanted me and the other superheroes to know that if we found them such, we should not try to engage them in combat or otherwise molest them in any way, because it is their weekend off in honor of their most revered holiday.

Captain Goldensword respects this. I say, 'take your well-deserved rest, worthy adversaries, but know this, that when the weekend is over, the smiting of evildoers will reconvene with vigorous vigor.'

This does however gives me an opportunity to get my room clean like mother keeps nagging me to do.


Chill Daddy said...

Are you sure they're not planning something?

Captain Goldensword - superhero of righteousness said...

Hmmm... I'd not thought of that my little hand/face friend. I should combine my powers of flight, invisibility, super-speed, and super-suspicion, and reconoiter the bases of all active volcanoes for coconut-milk bathing super-villians, one sec....

They're there. They all seem to be in advanced, semi-conscious stages of inebriation. I suspect that this is one of those 'drinking holidays' for them.